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National Homebuyers Fund®, Inc. (NHF) was established in 2002 to stimulate and expand homeownership opportunities across the nation. NHF is an instrumentality of government under Internal Revenue Service code section 115. (115 document)

We accomplish our mission through the development and management of homeownership programs, such as Mortgage Credit Certificates (MCCs), Mortgage Revenue Bond (MRB) and Down Payment Assistance (DPA) programs.

We embrace our responsibility with conviction and pledge our best efforts to serve as a champion for affordable and responsible homeownership. We view homeownership as the bedrock of local communities and vital in attaining and maintaining healthy and stable neighborhoods. To many people, a home is much more than a place to live. For many, owning one's own home represents family and community identity, hopes, goals, freedom and long-term security.

'Children of homeowners do better in school and are more successful later in life. Homeownership acts as a powerful economic stimulus, benefiting both the individual homeowner and the national economy. It provides economic and social capital to neighborhoods because homeowners are more likely to participate in local organizations. Homeownership in distressed communities raises neighborhood values, and homeowners often state that they are more satisfied with their living situation than renters.'
— Paraphrased from Benefits of Homeownership, as published by Habitat for Humanity, New York City, October 2006, with professional references contained within.

how programs ARE made possible

  • The homeownership programs featured on this website are made possible through relationships with financial istitutions, housing finance agencies and other housing related entities or through direct financing from NHF.
  • The homeownership programs are made available to potential homebuyers through a network of qualified Participating Lenders. Programs and applicable guidelines can be found in our Program Index.
  • For more about who we are, visit the page About Us.

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